knees are fuckin weird

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the mobile app for tumblr would be aight if it didn’t crash every time I clicked shit

Anonymous asked:
Yeah I did say the first mean thing but it was to push you a little but honestly I'm bi but that was it sorry for that other girl

no it’s ok I’ve just had this one guy try everyday to see my tits on here so I thought he came up with a good excuse hahah. & I didn’t take it as being mean, like you said, you were just giving me a lil push haha

Anonymous asked:
Umm I only sent the one thing not that??? I know nothing of whatever mfc is

okay well thanks then, sorry for assuming one of those two were from you. there’s a girl out there who is very unhappy with her life so she’s tryna bash other girls. typical

"you know you’re fucked when those late night thoughts start hitting you in the middle of the day"

some girls are so evil

Anonymous asked:
No you would rather use mfc and have guys give you donations for your body instead of letting it go for one pic of you topless that's why guys hate us because of women like you who think their body is special and should be respected while they sell it online you whore

Whoa, ok girl. I agreed with you on the last ask you sent me, thought you were all down for girls being treated equally. but once a girl doesn’t want to do something you tell them to, you bash them. you’re part of the problem. calling other girls whores? cuz they make money off teasing guys? okay hahah. just because I like being naked doesn’t mean I’m going around fucking everyone.

Anonymous asked:
It's not actually I'm just standing up with what I believe is correct why should I get judged for being a shirtless girl and any guy can be topless whenever it's judge mental i want equal rights and not to be a big deal to see tits and I figured if they saw people not care the point will be that much stronger but you're still under the idea that guys control your body and you consider the female body "posting dirty"

omg phewww I thought you were the same guy who kept obsessing over seeing my tits. Hell ya girl! do that shit. but when you said I think males control my body, is complete BS. I just don’t wanna be posting nudes whenever a guy asks me too. other than that, I agree 100%. I’m up for it, but under my own terms.

Anonymous asked:
Of course it's a thing people are always complaining about censorship and how it's a big deal you see girls tots but guys can be shirtless whenever stand up for what is right equal toplessness

you’re just tryna see my tits and using someone stealing and then leaking Jennifer’s nudes as an excuse

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